Shiatsu in water (Watsu) Centre



– In the course of Rehabilitation

– Pregnancy

– Mood relaxing

– Locomotion

Watsu ® is the transposition into the water of traditional oriental technique that favors the person’s psychological well-being using the manual pressure on the acupuncture meridian points.

Is practiced in the ancient marble octagonal pool in hot water to allow a spontaneous and deep relaxation .. The body, subjected to microgravity floats in the water, experiencing greater freedom and a more rapid melting of the muscles and joints.

The spine is free to move and arrange itself in a way that would impossibilie on ground. The relaxation and the dissolution of the physical and emotional tensions allow the opening of new spaces of freedom that the body and mind can explore.

The harmonious alternation of movements creates a set similar to a dance.

Numerous studies conducted in universities and hospitals confirm the benefits of working in water as a valuable support to people within rehabilitation and healing paths.

The sessions are led by very experienced personnel engaged for years in this discipline.