Dermopigmentation Centre – Semipermanent and / or corrective make-up

Dermopigmentation Centre

Semipermanent and / or corrective make-up


– Eyebrows

– Lips

– Eye contour

– Scalp

– Areola Breast (contour correction)

– Bikini Zone (contour definition or correction of hairy areas, discoloration correction)

– Skin Corrections (Camoufflage) for localized skin discoloration (vitiligo, pityriasis, stained senile etc.)

The Dermopigmentation is an aesthetic treatment with which gives a new pigmentation at the most surface layer of the dermis, and can be used for cosmetic and reconstructive corrective purposes.

The difference between the traditional tattoo and makeup (semi) permanent is in the techniques, the type of equipment, of needles, of pigments and of the depth in which the latter are placed.

It is clearly understood that the suitable make-up to a twenty-year old may not be generally suitable for a fifty, sixty, seventy years old, because the characteristics of the face with the time inevitably change. The (semi)permanent makeup – since it is long term but not permanent – can be gradually adjusted over the years and follow these changes in a harmonious way, maintaining a natural appearance, concealing better and longer than the make-up traditional the passing of time.

It is suitable to many parts of the body. It ‘s possible to have more bushy eyebrows adapting better to our face or redesigned lips for a more natural and absolutely not vulgar effect.

The eyebrows are improved by redesigning the arch in the most natural way possible as well as for the lips with a new boundary which will also give an optical effect of the increase in volume; you can also draw the eye line to always be in order even just waked up ….

A frequent request is the correction of the mammary areola, to improve its profile, size or color, or to hide scars

Baldness, vitiligo and alopecia especially, create serious blemishes. The Hair pigmentation can help us to overcome this imperfection which sometimes makes it difficult social life.

The same method can be employed to outline the Bikini Zone

The Dermopigmentation caters to both younger than to older people and the costs generally range between 350 Euros and 800 Euros, the effect can last 12 to 18 months and can be preserved in half-yearly or annual touches.