EXELOR Ltd. in early 2016 founded the Center Bernabò. A Wellness Center of reference that, in the tradition and thanks to its own research and development team, offers innovative products, dedicated to the health and beauty of the skin, used in the center itself, but mainly targeted to the national and international field of health and beauty.

Thanks also to the cooperation with primary University Institutes and Hospitals, the Innovative projects for thermal wellness, aesthetics and health represent the company’s Mission.The discovery of the Ancients reinterpreted in a modern key of well being.

The ancient thermal establishment “Bagni Bernabò ‘” with its history and its traditions, to that effect, reflects well the synthesis of the company philosophy. Tradition and Innovation.



The products used in Bernabò Center are developed in Exelor laboratories in Milan and are the result of over twenty years of scientific and technological research in the field of cosmetological and nutraceutical industry.
Made of high quality raw materials of which the company follows the entire production process, our products represent a point of excellence in the industry and find their place at the upper class of the Italian Cosmetic range thanks to their efficiency and effectiveness
The Exelor international vocation implies that our product range represents a reference not only for the domestic market, but also for the foreign one to whom it is addressed thanks to its production standards, with the help of European and non European commercial partners.
Exelor is always interested in esteemed partners to make always wider its presence on foreign markets.Developed in collaboration with leading Italian and foreign universities the Exelor products are not tested on animals and are developed to minimize the risk of allergies.
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Hosted by its original ancient architecture, the Center Bernabò offers a wide choice of treatments directed to beauty and well-being.

Massages, preferably preceded by a relaxing and invigorating hot bath, represent a nice opportunity for both a relaxing break during the day, either as part of a course of treatment over multiple days at our center able to get you back in shape and enjoy other recreation opportunities that the area has to offer.You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the treatments developed by our experts for the face, those designed for the body, hands, legs, feet, nails, hair.


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